Remember that idiot who parked his car on the side of the street, turned on the hazard lights and blocked your exit? He wanted to buy some donuts. Remember when you said to yourself that karma will take care of him? It won’t. Karma doesn’t exist and he will go on just fine, doing the same thing over and over again because everyone else expects karma to deal with him. There is no karma.

Karma is merely an illusion. […]


Mini Worlds

Take a look around you. What do you see? If you pay attention, there are a lot of things that comprise and design the space you’re in. Maybe you’re in the office at your desk, in a supermarket scrolling down pages on your phone, or at home in your dorm sitting in bed with the laptop on your lap.

Have you ever thought that each one of those things around you influences your daily life decisions? […]

Follow your pain

You see it and hear it all the time. It’s written everywhere. On coffee mugs, t-shirts, TV ads, sports stores, bank flyers, banners, buildings, cars, airplanes. You’re constantly bombarded by it. Soon enough it might as well be written on the moon itself.

There are too many books on this subject and too many people who make this seem like something adventurous, straightforward and one hundred percent enjoyable. […]

The last step

Your head is filled with “what if” questions. There are too many things to solve before, and you’re wondering. You feel unprepared. Maybe you’re looking back, fearful, unsure about everything. And then there are all those steps you need to go through before you’ll be on your way. There’s just so many skills you need to get, in order to start doing whatever it is that you want to be doing.

No, you aren’t ready. And you will never be. Life just doesn’t work this way.

From that point, everything looks as if you will never finish getting ready. And you won’t.

So what can you do? […]

Shut up

You came all the way here to break away from the noise of the city. You wanted to elude all the nonsense people are talking back there. You felt the need to reconnect with nature, to get in touch with yourself on a much deeper level. You came here to forget of all the troubles and relax. Tired of the turmoil of society, you needed a break. […]

A friend

Everything is ready. He grabs the old beaten backpack and puts it on his shoulders. He needs to catch a bus to the next city. That is all he knows. No plans, no other burdens, only his good old backpack, the present moment and the friends he makes along the way. […]