Pointed fingers

Big tragedy, mourning, news, protests, people in the streets, political resignations, comments and, I suppose, a lot of manipulation. And sheep. Yeah, sheep, because without them you would not have who to manipulate.

And these sheep get out on the streets and they shout and they point their fingers. What are they shouting? Well, what others want them to shout, others who are not sheep, but who know precisely what they want and how to obtain that. And they see beyond borders, beyond sheep and streets, they see the bigger picture, our country in a european and global context. They play and think at another level. Yes, they think. But the sheep… the sheep point their fingers to some puppets and they shout that they want change. And how do the sheep want this change? Well, to start from their pointed fingers towards the puppets they want changed.

They do this without realising that they, the sheep, are the same as the puppets they point their fingers at. Why? Because at a much lower level, the sheep have the same behaviour as the puppets in charge. So, unconsciously, the sheep accept the leading political puppets. If you would change the puppets with the sheep, I don’t think the result would be different. Same shit would happen. Because when the leaders mock the people, the people mock themselves. Or rather the other way around: when the people mock themselves, the leaders mock the people. In other words, the people accept this situation unconsciously because they are in no way different from the ones who lead.

How many times, at our level, haven’t we accepted to do things the wrong way, to lie, to cheat taxes and prices, to trick the neighbor from the second floor or the seller from the bakery? How many times haven’t we said “wait, let the other one work too” or how many times we did not give a shit about coleagues, neighbours or people on the street? How many times haven’t we tricked the work time with just a “few” minutes? How many times didn’t we pretend to work? How many times haven’t we accepted anything with our bent head? How many times haven’t we humiliated ourselves?

And we keep pointing fingers to others, for others to change. Change doesn’t happen like that and it doesn’t start from the tip of our forefinger towards the others.

The change happens in front of the mirror, from the tip of our forefinger to the inside.


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