Terrorism is just another form of marketing. What is marketing? Selling a product at the most fundamental level. You create a need, then you offer a solution to that need, by selling it. Right?

Through terrorism, you create a need for security. We, people, crave for security, don’t we?

Then, you create a solution, like weapons, technology, surveillance, military equipment, private military companies, armies, warplanes, warships, bombs, super sophisticated missilles, civil wars, air strikes, reasons to go to war, everything you can and cannot imagine…

And then, you sell it. To whom? Well, to everybody. Governments, armies, secret services, terrorist factions, mercenaries, rebels… you know… to all the people who are interested, and there’s a lot of them. After all, it’s the most profitable business. When everything else fails, war goes on.

Now, the big question. Who’s paying for all this?
Yup, you got it. We are! Most unfortunately, some are paying with their own life.

Is this really the core of the human nature? Can’t we just stop it and get along with each other peacefully?
Can’t we just make bicycles instead of guns, hammocks instead of uniforms, caravans instead of humvees and tourism rather than war?

Can’t we?


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