Wake up, go to work, come back, buy stuff, go to sleep and then wake up again to go to work in order to be able to pay for the stuff you just bought. Or for the beer. This is a circle.

What if, in any given moment, at some point on this circle you choose a tangent and take off?

In ideal conditions, without friction, you could continue going endless on the chosen path. In life though, you have all kinds of drag or acceleration forces on other directions preventing you to go indefinitely on your way. You could enter other circles. But if you got out of one, you can get out of any other one, right? It’s physics. More than that, you could use these circles to propel you forward on your way. Tangents and forces might be different but you can adapt and modify them to keep your initial trajectory. It’s just a matter on how to use the energy you accumulated along the way. It’s like with stars and planets, asteroids and meteors. 

It depends on you to choose what you want to be. Want to orbit the same star your whole life? Or would you rather explore new stars and horizons every now and then?

Don’t take me seriously. Get back to work. I’m wrong. I know nothing.


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