We do what we are told. We breathe when we are told. We do not eat. We do not drink water. We do not take breaks. We do not have fun while working. There is no time for such unproductive activities. We are not human beings. We are productive.

We do not stop if we did not finish, and we never finish. We do the same thing every day, every hour, every minute. We always check the numbers, because numbers bring us joy. If the numbers are growing, we smile and work harder. If the numbers are low, we work even more to make them grow. We constantly watch the sales graph on the computer screen, because we cannot live without it. We need numbers. Only weak human beings need food and water and sleep. We only need numbers. We are not human beings. We are productive.

We never see the sun, we know not the daylight. We do not care about the wind or the trees. We do not need nature. Nature is not productive. We need sales and numbers. We have neon lights above our heads. We breathe filtered air. We feed on numbers and progression. We are not those weak human beings. We are productive.

We live to work. Work is our religion, and numbers are our gods. We do not go slow, we always hurry. There is no time to lose. We do not waste any second. Every moment lost is a number lost. We make numbers grow. This is all we do. There is no time for other unproductive activities. Only human beings can be unproductive. We are not like them. We are productive.

Look at that worm. He is not one of us. He wants to eat lunch, he needs a break, he drinks water. He needs five minutes off. He needs rest. He needs to sleep. He dreams to breathe clean mountain air, to feel the warm sun on his face, and take a walk through the woods. He is weak. He is unproductive. We must crush him. Crush the maggot. We are corporacists. We are not weak. We are not human. We are productive.

Comrades, abandon yourselves to work, abandon your life to numbers, surrender yourselves to the way of the Corporussia.

Full production, comrades!

For motherland!

For Corporussia!


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