Dreams and Hopes

Through the window of the busy restaurant, I gaze at the blue tailed Airbus parked at the Departures Terminal.

I always saw an airplane as a machine, with the cockpit full of buttons and numbers, control sticks and pedals, flashy flight instruments, radars and illuminated screens. A metal bird with wings and flaps, landing gear and control surfaces. A complicated equation of aerodynamics with drag and lift forces, flight levels and altitudes, landing speeds and takeoff headings. A dream. A pilot’s dream. The dream of freedom. The freedom of flight.

Today it is different.

It is the end. It is a new beginning. The end and the beginning of a life story, of a love, of a different self.

It is a messenger. A messenger of hopes and fears. Hopes for a better life and fears of the unknown, fears of never seeing that someone again.

It is a dream carrier, taking with it dreams of adventure, of distant sunrises and new horizons.

It is joy and sorrow, smile and tears.

It is the last goodbye of a good friend and the joy of returning home.

It is change, a change of self, of perspective, a change of meaning.

It is a moment, the moment when you realize that you will never be the same again.

It is strength and weakness at the same time, the strength that comes with the new beginning and the weakness of having a part of you taken away.

It is a place where two different worlds meet, a place lost somewhere in space and time.

It is a connection of two distant heart beats.

The airplane is moving now, getting ready for take off. I imagine the pilots talking with the control tower in a language of their own, a language I used to know, understood by few, meaningless to many. Today I learned a different language.

Today, I learned the language of dreams and hopes, carried far away above the oceans…


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