Growing a Bubble

Take one piece of ordinary life on earth and start building something. A bubble for example.

In the beginning, start small. Build one around yourself, maybe include your family. After you grow it enough, start including your friends. As you advance in life, grow one around your job and co-workers. If you love nature, include a safe corner of nature in your bubble too. It will look green. Maybe add your favorite places, a bookstore, a coffee shop, the best pub in town, everything you need to live a safe, stable, undisturbed life. You can create one bubble to include everything, or you can choose to create a different one for each part of your life.

Then, if you feel confident enough, grow a bigger bubble. Include a town, maybe a whole country. Be kind and invite everybody inside. Make them feel safe and sound in your bubble. I bet you can do it for an entire continent.

You will see, as you grow your bubble, it becomes harder and harder to control it. You need some skills to do that, don’t you think? Actually, no, you just need a pilot, an autopilot. Invent a belief system, make some rules, give everybody a meaning for their lives inside the bubble and then try to have nature follow your bubble’s rules. That will give everyone confidence. Yeah, everybody will feel safe and warm, nice and cozy in there.

A little later, after you become a bubble master, go out there and do a bubble contest. Try to conquer or destroy other bubbles. Why? Because they don’t believe in yours. Your bubble is the best. The right one. The only one. Even nature obeys your bubble, right?

Life inside the bubble you just created should be peaceful, stable, full of positivity. Nothing negative there. There’s no such thing as a bad day, or negative thoughts or past traumas, no bad feelings and depressions. It’s all smiles and kindness. Nature is gentle, it doesn’t bother anyone. Everybody is good and life goes on peacefully.

Remember, never allow negativity in your bubble, chase away bad things and events, feelings of anger and sadness. Everything is fine. Just go on with your life, flower-power way. Be gentle with everyone and everything.

Practice kindness and understanding with that driver while he’s passing on the red light, speaking on the phone, almost killing you on the crosswalk. Pray a little bit when the thunderstorm catches you in flip-flops in the mountains and probably your life will be spared. Be kind with the earth if your parachute does not open, maybe the earth will be kind to you in return. Who knows? Go and be gentle with that pissed off indoctrinated extremist who’s trying to kindly blow up your bubble because you fucked up his own in the bubble contest. Remember? Maybe he will be sorry on the way to heaven.

If your bubble is in any way shaken, blame somebody for not following your bubble rules. Blame that extremist who’s on his way to heaven now. He was the one not following the rules. Your bubble is the only right bubble. Or blame nature for example. Blame the rain for wetting you to the bone, or that hungry bear who just stepped into your house to take a look in the fridge. Blame the flood for taking your house away and build another one exactly on the same spot. Blame that tornado for not following speed limits in a city.

Even better, blame life for not being kind and understanding with your bubble.

You know what I think? It does not matter what I think. Life does not care. It does not care about our bubbles. It just picks up the survivors. That’s all.

And the survivors don’t live in a bubble. They are out there, having fun and laughing at us. That’s all there is.

Goodbye now.

P.S.: If one day you decide to head out there and have some fun, come and pick me up too. You can find me in my bubble garden.


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