You are standing on the edge now. The door is open. She is here.

You feel her, she embraces you so tight and leaves you breathless, making you forget everything you have learned. You can’t see her, she’s somewhere behind, playing with you, stripping you of all the illusions you created in this world. Everything fades away when she starts dancing around you. She quickly empties your mind, she does away with your thoughts.

She takes off your mask, so you can now see who you really are. You cannot hide from her. You cannot escape. You can quit playing her game, but you know that you will lose everything that got you this far. You don’t want to quit, you want to play, no matter how hard the game is. You want to play her to the end, beat her at her own game.

She makes you clench your teeth. As the seconds pass, your blood starts rushing through your veins, your breathing accelerates, your heart beats like crazy. She feels that and she likes it. Adrenaline kicks in and everything else goes away. It’s just you now, struggling to keep your head cool in front of this storm she created inside you. She loves to mess up your mind. She always does that and she does it very well. She knows you better than anyone else. Unusual, never the same and damn hard to resist her.

Seconds are minutes and minutes feel like hours. You stand up face to face now, and playing her game is harder and harder, but you want to continue, you’re almost there. You want to prove yourself that you are strong. You want to find out who you trully are. The moment is close, you look her in the eyes now. The pressure is high and she is more powerfull than anything else you’ve ever felt before.

The green light is on. You cannot go back, you are beyond the point of no return. You went past your known limits. Nothing else matters now. You take the step and plunge into the unknown…

You defeated her.

You count, then do the check as you were instructed. The parachute is open and everything is ok. You are floating gently to the ground. She is gone and it is only now that you feel the tension she left in your body and start smiling like crazy.

No, that was not your love. It was your fear…

Your fear of the unknown.

Whatever your step is, look her in the eyes and do it.


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