Please say NO

I am sure you know that moment. You know what I’m talking about. You have been there, on one side of the story or the other. Probably even both, like me. So you understand better.

You are looking to hire someone. You interview a candidate. He does not fit your profile. He is not who you’re looking for. You tell him that you’re going to call back. You never do.

It’s a warm, sunny day. He calls you and invites you out for a walk. He likes you. You don’t. You tell him that you would love to hang out with him but you have a lot to do and don’t really have the time. Maybe you’ll meet some other day. You never do.

You enter that store. They try to help you. You tell them what you need. They show you the product. It is too expensive, you cannot afford it. You tell them you’ll come back later to buy it. You never do.

You need another freelancer in your team. You don’t want to pay too much so you go for a beginner. You supervise him for a few days. He makes some mistakes. You tell him that you’ll call in his services next year. You never do.

We both know that you don’t want to hire that candidate, or that you simply don’t like that guy, or that you will never buy that product, or that you don’t like his services. But please, let him know.

Cut the crap. Be honest. There is nothing to fear. The alternative is just making everything worse. For the both of you. It’s the shortest and most simple answer possible. You don’t need to explain yourself to anybody. It is your decision and yours only. More than that, you have been in his shoes before, haven’t you? Don’t give him false hopes. You know what it’s like.

So when your turn comes, say no.

Please say NO.


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