Never a plan B

Each moment of our life is a choice. Each clock beat takes away with it a choice we have made. While most pass without notice, there are some that carve out our path into the future. Those are the ones that matter.

You see, we always have two options. The hard way, or the easy way. Both are there all the time. Each time. Which one will you choose? It is tough, but ask yourself how far do you want to go. Be honest. What do you really want to do and how much are you willing to pay for it? Can you do that one more pushup, run that extra mile, tell the truth and risk your career? Can you work more when others sit back and enjoy the easy way? Can you take the hard way? Or will you get back to plan B?

I always believed that plan B is the easy way out. It is your escape route when things go hard. But if you ever hope to succeed, you don’t need an escape. You need a fight. You need the hard way. So ditch plan B. It only drags you away from what you want to achieve. Do that every time you can. Do it often enough and you won’t see the easy way anymore. Because at some point, you will see only one path in life: the hard one. The one that gets you where you want to be. The one that makes you do what matters. The one that shapes you into who you want to become.

Sometimes though, it is overwhelming. In those moments, you just need to stop, have a drink with friends and contemplate your life from points of view others than your own. But that is not a problem. It is in those moments when you realize how far you have gotten. And then you know you have to continue.

With enough time and effort, you’ll see yourself change. You’ll see the difference between where you started and where you stand now. That will motivate you to continue until you reach your destination, until you fulfill your dream. And then you will go beyond it. Because this choice is not a means to an end. It is a lifestyle. It is the only way to change yourself. And changing yourself is the only way of getting where you truly want to be.

So don’t take it easy. Keep on fighting.


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