Half a dream away

A long time ago, something happened. Somehow, you planted a seed. You wished. You wished it so strong that everything you did afterwards got you here. And it is only now that you started to realise what you have done.

Your life today is totally different. It is both beautiful and a complete mess. You brought it upside down without even realising. Your habits have changed. Your desires are not the same. Each and every day is unique. Something profoundly changed. But you don’t yet know what.

You feel more alive. You have no more time to waste. Everything that you do is more intense. Every tiny bit of life is carefully spent. The choices matter now. Sometimes, your new life is overwhelming. Hard, scary, but totally worthwhile. You start to understand why, don’t you?

You have a dream.

Yes, you now have a dream. A dream and high hopes. Hopes of something better. Better than before. Better than your past routine life.

None of these came easy, though. The choices you have made along this road changed you and the people around. Some stayed. Some went away. Your heart was broken. Maybe it still is. But this is normal. People usually quit when things go hard. You felt like quitting too. Many times. But you didn’t. Somehow you went on and on, sometimes alone, sometimes with tears in your eyes. You carried on when people told you to quit.

Now you know why. You know why you have to do it. Why you have to go on. You have to keep going or everything you did so far will have been in vain. You have to continue because you are not there yet. You cannot stop now.

You are half a dream away.


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