A friend

Everything is ready. He grabs the old beaten backpack and puts it on his shoulders. He needs to catch a bus to the next city. That is all he knows. No plans, no other burdens, only his good old backpack, the present moment and the friends he makes along the way.

You shake hands, hoping you will meet again sometime, somewhere. Just go! The sooner, the better – sounds the advice that he gives to you. He says goodbye and steps out the door without looking back. He never looked back since he started travelling, several years ago. His road leads forward. Always forward.

The moment when the door slides shut is the moment when you realize you have a friend. Soon, he will be far away. But that’s ok. Friendships are not measured by distance. They are measured by how willing are you to let go, to allow that person to be what they are.

He doesn’t need to be there all the time, and you might not see him again for the rest of your life. He will probably not be at your wedding and he might not know when your birthday is or what’s your favourite film. It doesn’t matter. You have a friend. He doesn’t care how many beers he paid for you, or how much you paid back. Numbers are not important here. A friend does not count them.

A friend is beyond all this.


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