Shut up

You came all the way here to break away from the noise of the city. You wanted to elude all the nonsense people are talking back there. You felt the need to reconnect with nature, to get in touch with yourself on a much deeper level. You came here to forget of all the troubles and relax. Tired of the turmoil of society, you needed a break.

You’ve got it.

Now shut up and listen to the river.

However, you keep talking about the troubles you so much wanted to forget about. You brought all the nonsense you’re complaining about with you. No, I didn’t watch the news lately. Why are you still speaking? You’re missing the whole point. Who cares about politics now?

Shut up and listen to the wind.

Oh no! You forgot to make an important call. Quickly! Send a text message. But wait. There’s no signal. Where can you find signal for the phone? Nowhere? What a mess. And that document is still on your desk. You will send it as soon as you get back. But it is already too late. You can’t do anything about it anyway, therefore…

Shut up and listen to the trees.

You keep asking how much longer will it take. You wanted to be here, and now you’re thinking about when it will end. Stop asking about time and enjoy what you came for. What’s up with all this rush? Slow down for once and open your eyes to the beauty around you. I don’t want to look at my watch right now, so…

Shut up and forget about time.

You’re endlessly talking. Always asking some question. Constantly telling me that story or the other. Do you know what that guy did? Did you hear what they said? Didn’t you watch the show two days ago? Let me tell you what I heard last week. Why am I so quiet? You just cannot stop, can you?

Shut up and enjoy nature.

Just shut up!


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