Remember that idiot who parked his car on the side of the street, turned on the hazard lights and blocked your exit? He wanted to buy some donuts. Remember when you said to yourself that karma will take care of him? It won’t. Karma doesn’t exist and he will go on just fine, doing the same thing over and over again because everyone else expects karma to deal with him. There is no karma.

Karma is merely an illusion.

That idiot will get away with it every time. And he’s not the only one out there. The world is full of them. And they take advantage of the whole karma thing. Yeah, I know, this is hard to grasp and it shakes your entire belief system.

And then there’s that disrespectful client. You’ll forgive him this time, because… because what? Karma? He’ll get away with it every time. He’s fucking you up with every chance he gets and you’re just strengthening his behavior because… you know… karma.

Ok, but what about those people you care about? Well, karma doesn’t work there either.

She didn’t return your calls. That day when she will finally call you back to say she’s sorry and… blah blah blah… that day you’re waiting for, just because you think karma will turn things around so you can do the same to her, that won’t happen. Sorry, but it won’t. She won’t feel what you feel right now because the world doesn’t work like that.

Karma doesn’t exist. It’s just another excuse in our excuse-filled world.

Or think about that total mess called life. Maybe you’re suffering a lot, and people are rude, and nobody cares about you and your dull existence and everything sucks, but you’re waiting for karma to turn things around and change your life completely and bring you that elusive deliverance you are waiting for. That won’t happen unless you do something about it. You can suffer incessantly and nothing will change, because… nope… there is no karma.

Let’s get this straight. Karma is an illusion. An excuse. A type of fear.

But perhaps there is something going on around and I am just an ignorant prick. There have been cases when you’ve seen karma in action. People who’ve paid their price because they’ve done something unjust in the past. You’ve seen it happening, so that must be karma, right?

Wrong. That’s called a coincidence and it happens when your brain is picking up a pattern from this big unfair world of ours and fits it into the story you’ve been telling to yourself all these years. Yeah, a simple coincidence. No magic, no karma, no nothing. Sorry to ruin that pink little bubble of yours.

Wait, what about forgiveness? I keep hearing that you need to forgive everybody. Well, that might work with some people. But that’s also how the big assholes who mess up entire countries get that big and make it out untouched. There’s your karma.

So, next time when something disturbing occurs, fuck karma, take action. Change something, don’t wait for magic to do it for you.

Sometimes, there are only some minor things and they might not bother you too much. Then, they become a little bit bigger, but you’re already used to the previous little bad things so you’ll do nothing again. Soon you’ll find yourself in a deep mess because you got used to letting that karma solve your problems.

That won’t happen. Fuck karma! Do it yourself!



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