I go out leaving the door slam behind me. The midday sun is too bright for my eyes as I walk down aimlessly on the narrow street. I feel like I’m floating around from one side of the street to the other. My muscles are sore. Actually my whole body feels like lead. Waking up this morning was a battle between mind and body. I know I should go home and get some sleep because I’m tired as hell. I also know that I’ve got a lot of things to take care of before doing that.

But I could care less! Everything is too much now. Too many people, too much work, too many things to take care of. With no time to spare for friends, hobbies or myself, all I wish now is to press that big imaginary pause button, so I can get some rest and forget about any responsibility. I could sleep for an entire week.

How did I get here? […]



Have you noticed that we always surround ourselves with stories? Everything we do, everything we own has one. From the most unimportant thing to life itself, we create stories. We cannot live without them. Did you ever wonder why? […]


Staring at the map of the world on the wall in front of me, I feel lost. Here, people come and go. They come, share their stories, connect you for a little while with the places they came from and then they leave. I stay. And I miss them. I miss these people. These beautiful people. But now I feel lost, maybe somehow forgotten here, in this little country of mine, in this little town, while the world awaits with open arms. […]

Nothing left

Sometimes it’s like this. There is nothing left. Nothing. Only yourself and the emptiness. There is no path. There are no directions. There is nobody around.

And somehow you’ve got to get up and go. You need to go. Far. Far away, into the darkness. And then beyond it. Alone. There is no other way. You will never be ready for it. So waste no more time. You just have to do it. […]